Truth be told, I am crazy about stationary. I could literally live in paper source and can easily spend hours on etsy browsing at people’s handmade paper goods. Besides from the pretty designs, endless colours, and fun themes, my favorite part is mailing out a note to a friend just to deliver an unexpected ‘hello.’ In this day and age when it’s so easy to get consumed by the ease of e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc., I find it that much more important to take a few minutes every so often to reach out to my loved ones/friends/school advisors and post them a card/note for no other reason but to say that I am thinking of them.

I’m not sure when the last time you received something other than bills or ads via “snail” mail is, but let me reassure you — getting an unexpected card/note is the easiest way to makes someone’s day. So, if you’re like me and love putting a smile on someone’s face, the next time you have a few minutes on your hands, go ahead and send someone a card/note. This is one small gesture that you won’t regret it. xox

p.s. I’m oddly proud to say that I’ve never facebook or twitter. But, I’m not that innocent… I’ve still managed to do my fair share of spooky people stalking….. haha @ TH

specifics: currently loving kardzkouture’s stationary on etsy, flat notes from rifle paper co, and who can’t appreciate cards from papyrus?!

One thought on “station-crazy

  1. FB stalking. Hilarious, except when I pressed accidental buttons and Jess was like…HUH? lol.

    Great work on the site, keep it up!

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