NYFW – Fall 2014 {Part I}

A few weeks ago I was one of several lucky gals to be chosen by Lucky Magazine to attend the first day of Mercedez Benz fashion week in New York! One of my pictures on Instagram (displaying some of my most treasured items) was hand selected as a winner, and the next thing I knew I was getting ready for one of the most exciting days ever. I know that sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, but as ridiculous as this may be, going to fashion week is something that has been on my bucket list forever, and I’m┬áso happy I can officially check it off my list (although, don’t get me wrong, if I could go every year, I would in a heartbeat!). The day itself was too amazing to be true, and I could probably write about it forever, but in efforts to save you from that pain, here is part one of some of my fav photos from the day…. tomorrow I’ll post some more from the fashion shows I attended.

Lastly… here is a super late New Year’s resolution (better late than never, right?!)… This whole blogging thing is still really new to me, and that’s probably because I post all of once a month, orrrrr a lot less. Starting with this post I’m going to try and start blogging a lot more often, and really hope you’ll follow along throughout. All this is to say, sorry for my absence, but I’m back and ready to have some fun! xox



live #mbfw instagram feed…



the most stunning models backstage at Richard Chai…




I was beyond ecstatic to meet Soo Joo, Rumi Neely, Aimee Song, and Eva Chen!!!




my terrible posture here is only a slight indication of how excited I was to meet the amazing Eva Chen…


the super fun Dani Song…


ummm how amazing is the lighting backstage….?!


all photos were taken by me.

9 thoughts on “NYFW – Fall 2014 {Part I}

    • It was a lot of fun!! Honestly, me being able to go was seriously all luck. I wish I could give you some tips, I’m sorry!! I went to your site, it’s really cute!! Tried to find you on instagram, but I couldn’t… add me if you like and thanks for stopping by! xox

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