and the journey begins…

mydeskwcdHi all! For those of you who know me, you know how excited I’ve been about my new blog, so you can only imagine how thrilled I am about my first post!! To launch, I thought it’d be nice to give you a feel for what my workspace is like at home! My desk is where I spend most of my time (… usually “studying”) — so obviously I arranged the area to suit all my needs. I actually tested out 2 desks before I landed on this perfect one (Parsons Desk – West Elm), which I am now in love with! I was able to get my Parsons Desk for cheap (it was a demo piece that had a minor chip — nothing a little white-out couldn’t fix) and my chair as well. So for all of you who crave a pretty workspace but are working with a low budget, I suggest seeking out ‘damaged pieces’ which usually aren’t really damaged at all! I personally always find myself more productive when my desk is clean, and I love fresh flowers and a delicious smelling candle as pretty accents.

In terms of my website, you’ll definitely being seeing continuous progress on it. For example, I know the size of my logo is ginourmous, but yet I can’t figure out how to make it smaller… yet. You’d think for a girl that was able to get an MD, that I’d be able to build a website easily enough — nope. This stuff is hard work! But, I’m determined to make this website as elegant as can be and I hope you’ll enjoy the changes it goes through. First change on the agenda: changing my color scheme to pink.

Anyway, here’s a big thank you for my first visitors who I hope will become WCD followers. This is already so much fun! xox

p.s. please feel free to leave comments about what you think so far, and how you think I can improve.

specifics: desk west elm; chair west elm; city themed pen/paper holder CB2; folders Martha Stewart for staples; calendar anthropologie, lamp ikea, candle Voluspa (bella sucre).