a few of my fall favorites…


  1. This cute mini wallet is the perfect way to keep your purse organized.
  2. Love the length and color of this dress.
  3. Dying for these Man repeller X sugerga velvet sneakers. I could easily see them looking as good with a skirt as I can with jeans.
  4. To me, this midi skirt is the perfect way to incorporate some pastel into any fall wardrobe.
  5. If you haven’t already, you have to read The Man Repeller’s new book: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. Leandra is hilarious and I promise you’ll be laughing throughout. Besides, what better way is there to end chilly fall nights, than curled up on the couch reading a good book.
  6. This calf hair baseball cap
  7. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to find cuter/prettier shoes than these. The bow makes them perfect.
  8. A candle always helps on crisp fall days, and this one smells amazing.


bikin ’round town…




Citibike… I’d been wanting to try it out for a while, so the BF and I figured what better day than the sunny Fourth of July holiday that just passed. Now trust me, I’ve heard and read about the pros and cons of the introduction of this bike share, and honestly I was initially weary about its success. I remember when Bixi Bikes where introduced in my home town of Montreal. Back then I used to drive everywhere, so naturally I was upset when parking spaces were being lost to bicycle paths (especially in a city thats covered in snow half of the year, I mean really?!). And when I finally decided to give the bixis a try, the were so heavy and hard to manoeuvre… needless to say, I wasn’t the biggest fan.

Contrarily, the idea of a bike share program in nyc automatically appealed to me. In a city where it’s a hassle to own a car and where the mta (public transportation system) is often bogged down by delays and closed lines (usually on the days that I’m in a rush), I was excited for these bikes to get rolling. We decided to rent them for a 24 hour period, which is $9.95 and allows you to take a bike out an unlimited number of times within 24 hours for 30 minutes at a time. I originally thought 30 minutes seemed like too little time, but really, it works. The bikes weren’t heavy and were easy to use (I was able to able to shift gears seamlessly), oh and they also have these little bells on them so you can ring away at bikers passing by (… or taxi drivers that are about to run you over). For those of you concerned about riding the streets of nyc, it’s really not as bad as you would think. There’s bike paths sparsely spread throughout and if you need to venture off them (and I guarantee that you will need to at some point) my experience riding in traffic was scary but definitely doable. As long as you stick to one side of the street you’re good and the cars passing by won’t hit you… even if you feel like they will. In terms of releasing and locking the bikes — that went down pretty smoothly too. We only had one issue throughout the day, and it was solved within minutes by a quick call to 311 (…yea I know, they actually pick up and help you!). 

Anyway, we had a great day on the bikes and I would definitely use them again!! I must say… riding along the west side next to the Hudson river makes for the perfect day. There’s different options in terms of rental time available as well — $25 for 1 week for unlimited 30 min trips, $95 for 1 year for unlimited 45 min trips, which is really not bad! So the next time you’re in the mood to explore the city, but not in the mood to ride the subway or waste money on a cabby, definitely go the citibike route… I think you’ll love it as much as I did. xox

dreaming on a lazy sunday afternoon…


I don’t know about y’all (ha! I’m so country) but it’s been a very lazy Sunday on my end. Here are some things that I could use a lot more of…

  1. My very fantastic BF just placed an order for this on the mark gold arrow necklace from stella & dot for me. I’ve been eyeing this piece since November, so I can’t wait to get it! I have plans to layer it with the dainty gold necklace I already wear on a daily basis (…I’m all about layering gold necklaces lately). So excited!
  2. I love this print from kardzkouture on etsy… I could definitely do some prosecco right about now.
  3. Valentino Rockstud slingback shoes… I could dream about these forever, period.
  4. An evening like today calls for some Paulo Coelho (my fav author) and the couch. The Warrior of Light contains quotes from his books that I literally read over and over again.
  5. Definitely missing home (ie mom & sissy) on this Canada day long weekend.
  6. Ben and Jerry’s — phish food — chocolate ice cream with marshmallow, swirls of caramel and little chocolate fish scattered around. Enough said.

For those of you celebrating a long weekend, I hope it’s happy and safe. xox



memorable medicine moments …


Medical school… sounds like a daunting task right? Not quite… My med school experience involved traveling from England to Grenada to NYC — and while the curriculum itself wasn’t easy, the memories that were made along the way made everything worthwhile. While I was busy learning about the human body in its entirety, I was also building friendships that I know will last me a life time. Together, my ‘besties’ and I pulled all-nighters studying for finals (I was usually spotted crying at some point during the night, D would always manage to watch an episode of something, M was always calm and shopping online, and V was perpetually nervous yet somehow so energetic), went dancing everywhere from Florita’s to Bananas to Bagatelle, complained about overnight calls and weekend shifts, and comforted each other when relationships that were never meant to last broke our hearts. Together, we went through it all.

After medical school comes residency — a time when “the match” inevitably places us, as new doctors, into hospitals to continue our training. And although we all ended up miles away from each other, I know our old memories will hold strong while new ones are made. To my girlies pursuing everything from Internal Medicine to Pediatrics to OBGYN – congratulations, good luck and most importantly thank you for making what initially seemed like a difficult task into the most memorable experience of my life. “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh




Truth be told, I am crazy about stationary. I could literally live in paper source and can easily spend hours on etsy browsing at people’s handmade paper goods. Besides from the pretty designs, endless colours, and fun themes, my favorite part is mailing out a note to a friend just to deliver an unexpected ‘hello.’ In this day and age when it’s so easy to get consumed by the ease of e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc., I find it that much more important to take a few minutes every so often to reach out to my loved ones/friends/school advisors and post them a card/note for no other reason but to say that I am thinking of them.

I’m not sure when the last time you received something other than bills or ads via “snail” mail is, but let me reassure you — getting an unexpected card/note is the easiest way to makes someone’s day. So, if you’re like me and love putting a smile on someone’s face, the next time you have a few minutes on your hands, go ahead and send someone a card/note. This is one small gesture that you won’t regret it. xox

p.s. I’m oddly proud to say that I’ve never facebook or twitter. But, I’m not that innocent… I’ve still managed to do my fair share of spooky people stalking….. haha @ TH

specifics: currently loving kardzkouture’s stationary on etsy, flat notes from rifle paper co, and who can’t appreciate cards from papyrus?!